Business Courses (BUS)

BUS 1101
Introduction to Business (3)
  Topics covered include management, the free enterprise system, accounting, finance, marketing, economics, international business and other business concepts and terminology May not be taken for credit by business majors.
BUS 3310
Intermediate Excel (1)
  A computer application course in which business students use common business spreadsheet software to design and implement solutions to common business problems and issues. Prerequisite: Lower-level core.
BUS 3382
Business Communication (3)
  Analysis and composition of business and personal communications including mechanics and content of letters and memoranda. Prerequisite: ENG 1102 or 1104 & Lower-Level Business Core Classes.
BUS 4425
Special Topics in Business (3)
  Special topics in areas offered by the Sorrell College of Business. Prior credit and topic approval by the Dean of Sorrell College of Business required. Prerequisite: Approval of the instructor and Dean of the Sorrell College of Business of both topic and credit value. No more than six hours of credit may be earned.
BUS 4460
Business Consulting and Research (3)
  Small business research and problem-solving with related field experience. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.
BUS 4474
Business and Society (3)
  This course focuses on the interrelationships between business organizations and the social, economic, political, and cultural environments in which business organizations function, both nationally and globally. Among other topics, the course will address business ethics, organizational culture and values, social responsibility, and relationships with government, education, and labor unions. This course will be a primary course in which business ethics, and the essential role that ethics must occupy in corporate life, both from national and international perspectives. Particular emphasis will be placed on the concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, both nationally and internationally, as essential dimensions of business ethics. What it means to be a good corporate citizen will be a primary theme of this course. Prerequisite: Lower-level Core.
BUS 4476
Strategic Management (3)
  Capstone course for business majors. Integrates knowledge, skills, and concepts acquired in all business courses taken. Requires students to analyze various corporations, determine threats and opportunities posed by the external environment as well as the firm’s strengths and weaknesses, formulate strategic plans for firms, and determine how these plans should be implemented. Prerequisites: senior standing; completion of or concurrent enrollment in remaining business core courses.
BUS 4480
Business Seminar (3) (required-capstone)
  This course is a study of the strategic implications of technology and innovation for organizations that operate in a dynamic environment. Emphasis will be placed on understanding emerging organizational and social issues that influence the adoption of technology which, in turn, influences organizations and the society in which they exist. This course serves as the capstone course for the General Business concentration. Prerequisite: Senior standing. Co-requisite: Recommended that this course be taken concurrently with the BSBA capstone course, BUS 4476.
BUS 4493-4494
Guided Independent Study (1 to 3 credit hours per course per semester)
  Additional information is indexed under Guided Independent Research and Study. Note: This course may not be substituted for any required course. Also see index for “Independent Study and Research.”
BUS 4499
Internship (1 to 3 credit hours per course per semester)
  Additional information is indexed under Independent Study and Research. Note: This course may not be substituted for any required course.
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