Human Resource Management Courses (HRM)

HRM 3375
Global Human Resource Management (3)
  A survey of the roles, functions, and activities of human resource management including job analysis, job design, recruiting, selection, placement, training and development, compensation, employee and labor relations, and current issues in both the domestic and global environments. Prerequisite: Lower-level Core.
HRM 4455
Employment Law (3)
  A study of the major employment laws and related regulations as they apply to the private sector. Prerequisite: Lower-level Core.
HRM 4473
Labor Law and Collective Bargaining (3)
  A study of court decisions, national labor, administrative regulations, and procedures of the National Labor Relations Board that guide effective approaches to collective bargaining and labor relations. Prerequisite: Lower -level Core.
HRM 4481
Staffing (3)
  Addresses theory, principles, practices, and legal requirements for effective recruitment, selection, and promotion in organizational settings. Prerequisite: Lower--level Core.
HRM 4482
Managing Health, Safety and Diversity (3)
  This course addresses the theory, practice and legal requirements in managing employee health, safety, and cultural diversity in organizational settings Prerequisite: Lower-level Core.
HRM 4483
Human Resource Development (3)
  Theory and practice in human resource training and development applied to organizational settings. Prerequisite: Lower-level Core.
HRM 4485
Performance Appraisal and Compensation (capstone) (3)
  Addresses theory, principles, practices, and legal requirements linking effective performance management and compensation and benefit systems in organizational settings. Prerequisite: Lower-level Core. Co-requisite: And at least three of the 4000-level Human Resource management courses.
HRM 4496
Selected Topics in HR (3)
  An in-depth study of a broad range of human resource management topics. Individual investigations and reporting are emphasized in seminar fashion. Focus on a topic of a timely nature and/or special interest. Prerequisite: Lower-level Core.
HRM 4499
Internship (3)
  The Human Resource Management Internship is a supervised work experience that provides students with the opportunity to gain applied work experience their field of study. Students are interviewed and selected by the individual companies offering the internship. This course may be repeatable and must comply with the SCOB internship policy.
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