Management Courses (MGT)

MGT 3300
Principles of Management (3)
  An introduction to management functions, principles, and techniques. The course includes a discussion of planning, organizing, influencing through leadership, and control within the organization.
MGT 3380
Principles of Supervision (3)
  An introduction to supervision principles, best practices and concepts. Topics discussed include delegation, planning and goal setting, employee training and motivating team coaching, communicating, and appraising. Prerequisites: Lower-level Core, MGT 3300.
MGT 4440
Developing and Leading Effective Teams (3)
  An in-depth study of team development and team leadership in the work setting focused to better understand team functions under varying task conditions. Special emphasis will be placed on the leadership of work teams in both face-to-face and virtual settings for effective performance and member satisfaction. This course deals extensively with maintenance and task behaviors of team members. Prerequisites: Lower-level Core, MGT 3300, QM 3345.
MGT 4460
Introduction to Project Management (3)
  This course provides an introduction to essential principles governing effective project management and an application of tools and techniques that can be applied to defining projects, establishing task structure, planning and budgeting, managing of resources to achieve the project objectives, and post project evaluation. Prerequisites: Lower-level Core, MGT 3300, QM 3345.
MGT 4471
Leadership and Change (3)
  A study of leadership and change concepts applied to foundational concepts of leadership, motivational theories, and organizational change theories. The primary focus of the course will be directed toward the application of these theories, practices, and concepts in an organizational setting, designed to enable an achievement of organizational goals and objectives, while also undertaking application oriented activities that encourage the development of critical thinking skills about the concepts. Emphasis will be placed on key similarities and differences between US organizations and international organizations.
Prerequisite: Lower-level Core, MGT 3300.
MGT 4472
Organizational Behavior (3)
  A study of individual and group behavior in business organizations. Prerequisite: Lower-level Core, MGT 3300.
MGT 4475
Entrepreneurial Management (3)
  This course examines how startups, small companies & family enterprises reach the marketplace and sustain their businesses. The course centers around the development of the business plan, focusing on creativity and innovation. Emphasizes entrepreneurial opportunities & new venture processes both domestically and internationally. Detailed analysis of the entities.
Prerequisite: Lower-level core, MGT 3300.
MGT 4478
Managing in a Global Environment (3)
  This course is a survey and analysis of topics important to successfully managing multinational business operations. Included in the course are considerations of environmental analysis, modes of entry, planning and cross-cultural issues in directing, decision-making, organizing and staffing operations in multinational enterprises. Capstone for the Global Business Core. Prerequisites: Lower-level Core, MGT 3300 and have completed at least 12 hours of the Global Business Core.
MGT 4479
Management Seminar (3) (capstone)
  This course is a study of current management issues which examines the application of traditional management theory in the context of current management problems. This is the capstone course for the management majors. Prerequisites: Lower-level Core MGT 3300, QM 3345, MGT 3380, MGT 4440, and MGT 4472.
MGT 4484
Entrepreneurial Strategy and Marketing (3) (capstone)
  This entrepreneurship concentration capstone integrates theory and practice from prior courses in the discipline, applied to a selected venture, by focusing on a strategic analysis, emphasizing the marketing function. The larger aim is to guide venture growth rationally, creatively, and ethically through the challenges associated with the successive stages of professionalization, maturation, and global presence. The course considers ventures internal and external to existing organizations. Prerequisite: ECO 3360, FIN 3360, MGT 4475. (Simultaneous enrollment is acceptable)
MGT 4491-4492
Guided Independent Research (1 to 3 credit hours per course per semester)
  Additional information is indexed under Independent Study and Research. Note: This course may not be substituted for any required course.
MGT 4493-4494
Guided Independent Study (1 to 3 credit hours per course per semester)
  Additional information is indexed under Independent Study and Research. Note: This course may not be substituted for any required course.
MGT 4496
Selected Topics in HR (3)
  An in-depth study of a broad range of human resource management topics. Individual investigations and reporting are emphasized in seminar fashion. Focus on a topic of a timely nature and/or special interest. Prerequisite: Lower-level Core, MGT 3300.
MGT 4499
Internship (3)
  The Management Internship provides is a supervised work experience that provides students with the opportunity to gain applied work e experience their field of study. Students are interviewed and selected by the individual companies offering the internship. This course may be repeatable and must comply with the SCOB internship policy.
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