Rehabilitation Courses (RHB)

RHB 2280
Rehabilitation Research I (3)
  Introduction to statistical analysis concepts and principles necessary for understanding research reports and for the interpretation of data. Use of microcomputer statistical programs in the analysis of univariate, bivariate, and multivariate data including parametric and non-parametric analysis techniques. Topics include descriptive techniques, averages and measures of variation, tests of statistical significance, correlation and regression, and analysis of variance. Prerequisite: MTH 1110 or 1112 and IS 2241.
RHB 2281
Rehabilitation Research II (3)
  Introduction to research methodology and process with emphasis placed on the evaluation of practice. Understanding and using the journal research article as a tool for selecting appropriate intervention. Skills are built in using electronic data bases and information retrieval systems and integrated with writing skills necessary to critically evaluate the usefulness of research studies in practice application. Prerequisite: RHB 2280.
RHB 3320
Human Behavior In the Social Environment II (3)
  An examination of the social dynamics of discrimination and oppression and particularly, how discriminatory and oppressive environments have potential for negatively affecting bio psychosocial growth and development.
RHB 3340
Social Policy and Planning (3)
  Exploration of the social policy formulation process and the building of analysis skills in the evaluation of social policy and programs. The impact of political, economic, and social forces is a focal point, and the process of incrementalism in implementation is examined.
RHB 3345
Foundations of Rehabilitation (3)
  Review of historical, philosophical, and legislative development of the rehabilitation movement; focuses on current service delivery systems and trends.
RHB 3350
Individual Differences and the World of Work (3)
  An orientation into the world of work along with the meaning and importance of work to the individual, family and community. Includes job search techniques, methods of doing job surveys and ways of classifying information.
RHB 3360
Vocational Assessment (3)
  Processes, principles, and techniques used to diagnose vocational assets and liabilities of the individual. Emphasis upon the use of psychometric tests, work samples, and job samples.
RHB 3365
Introduction to Visual Impairment (3)
  This course will provide an understanding of the medical, psychological, social, educational, and vocational issues that professionals must understand in order to work effectively with persons who are visually impaired.
RHB 3375
Diversity (3)
  This course provides students with an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, Ethnic and gender sensitivity, as well as ageism, in social work practice with a variety of populations is highlighted.
RHB 3380
Medical and Vocational Aspects of Physical Disabilities (3)
  Examines specific physical disabilities from medical, psychological, social, and vocational points of view. Covers a number of disabling conditions including etiology, characteristics, and implications for treatment.
RHB 3385
Rehabilitation of Persons with Severe Disabilities (3)
  Course explores rehabilitation needs of persons with severe disabilities. Concepts, approaches, philosophy and ethical considerations related to independent living, supported employment, and advocacy efforts.
RHB 4405
Juvenile Rehabilitation and Counseling (3)
  Treatment modalities, diagnostic techniques, intervention systems, concurrent problems, and counseling techniques with adolescents. Emphasis is upon evaluation of services, i.e., vocational, self-concepts, academic, psychotherapy, peer relations, group counseling, family relations, and life skill development.
RHB 4410
Rehabilitation Pre-practicum (1)
  Preparation for RHB 4420. Prerequisites: RHB major with senior standing or permission of instructor.
RHB 4420
Rehabilitation Practicum (12)
  Provides experience in a rehabilitation setting with an emphasis on the multiple nature of human problems and the impact these problems have on persons with disabilities. Includes a weekly seminar plus a minimum of 500 hours in a particular agency setting.
Prerequisites: Rehabilitation major, RHB 4410. Practicum site must be approved by instructor during RHB 4410.
RHB 4450
Senior Seminar (2)
  The impact of recent changes in federal and state legislation and the role and function of professional organizations and their positions on current issues. Prerequisite: HS/RHB major with senior standing or permission of instructor.
RHB 9920
Youth Leadership Forum Practicum (3)
  The goal of the Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) is to develop a network of young adults with disabilities who realize their ability to pursue meaningful employment and societal contributions, while helping break down the barriers to independence for people with disabilities. Students taking RHB 9920 serve as group leaders for YLF participants and organize and carry out group activities and participant events. Requires Pre-YLF leadership training during the spring semester and a commitment to live on campus with the YLF participants for approximately a week. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
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