Degrees and Required Credit Hours

Program Availability Matrix
Undergraduate Education Program Availability Matrix


Requirements for graduation with the following degrees are shown in this catalog:

  • Associate of Science in Nursing
  • Associate of Applied Science
  • Associate of Science in General Education
  • Associate of Arts in General Education
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Bachelor of Arts or Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts or Science in Education
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Music Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Arts Foreign Language Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires that 12 hours of one foreign language (classical or modern) must be completed as part of the departmental program(s) or as free electives. For additional information, students should consult their advisers.

Early admission to accredited professional schools

A student who accepts early admission to an accredited professional school (e.g. dentistry, law, medicine) may petition for his or her baccalaureate degree upon successful completion of the first year of professional studies (official transcript required), provided the student had earned at least ninety (90) semester hours at Troy University or in combination with the AGSC/STARS articulation program prior to being granted early admission to the accredited professional program.


For more information, see the academic regulations section of this catalog.

Bachelor of Arts1 and Bachelor of Science

A. General studies2

Areas I - IV 41-42 hours
Area V (University requirements and requirements specified by major) 19-22 hours

B. A program or a combination of majors and minors to total at least ....................................... 54 hours

C. Unspecified electives: additional hours necessary to achieve a minimum of 120 total credit hours ³ ...2-6 hours.

1Bachelor of Arts Foreign Language Requirement: The Bachelor of Arts requires 12 hours of one foreign language (classical or modern) in addition to items A and B above. Consult your specific degree program for additional requirements.

2 Specialized General Studies Requirements: Programs and majors may have specialized general studies requirements. See the program and major listings for more information.

3 Requirements beyond 120 credit hours: Although most baccalaureate degree programs require a total of 120 credit hours, accreditation criteria or professional licensure requirements may dictate that some baccalaureate degrees will exceed the 120 semester hour minimum. Please refer to listings for individual colleges, schools and departments to determine those degree programs that require in excess of 120 semester hours.


For more information, see the academic regulations section of this catalog, along with the requirements for individual associate degrees.


For information regarding availability of academic programs by location, please visit academics at or talk with your registrar or academic adviser.

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