Dr. Wade Hall was an
avid "postcard collector".

He collected approximately 25,000 vintage postcards from all over the world during his travels. The quality and size of his collection is impressive because he built it at a time when good, historical postcards were scarce.
The dates of these postcards range from the early
1900s to the 1960s.

Hall donated his collection to the Troy University Archives on the Troy Campus and we are making it available for viewing in various forms: this website, traveling postcard exhibits, and AlabamaMosaic. This website showcases a small sampling of Wade Hall Postcard Collection featuring Streets and Historical Buildings throughout the
state of Alabama.

What is a postcard:

A postcard is a card sent through the mail at a lesser postage rate than a sealed envelope, one side usually has a picture and the other has space for a written message and the recipient's address. The first postcards were issued in America in 1873. Postcards became popular because people could send a quick "hello" or show a friend or relative where they were staying for only a penny. Many postcards took the place of pictures in the family albums showing vacation scenes. The Golden Age of postcards lasted from 1900 until about 1920 when widespread use of the telephone began.