Dr. Wade Hall was an
avid "postcard collector".

He collected approximately 25,000 vintage postcards from all over the world during his travels. The quality and size of his collection is impressive because he built it at a time when good, historical postcards were scarce.
The dates of these postcards range from the early
1900s to the 1960s.

Hall donated his collection to the Troy University Archives on the Troy Campus and we are making it available for viewing in various forms: this website, traveling postcard exhibits, and AlabamaMosaic. This website showcases a small sampling of Wade Hall Postcard Collection featuring Streets and Historical Buildings throughout the
state of Alabama.

Postcards as social media:

Today, you might snap a photo with your smartphone and send it to someone with a quick message. In a very similar way, postcards provided an easy way to stay in touch while away from home or on vacation. A postcard has advantages over smartphone pictures, namely: it is always a good picture, the photographer could take it from the right angle, and the weather is always perfect. All of these are iffy when you are "there" in person. For this reason, buying postcards is still common for vacationers. They buy them to keep as souvenirs to remember their trip or to send back home to impress friends, co-workers and family and to say "Wish you were here."