Guide to the Dorothy L. Brown Photograph Collection,

Record Group 023

Date Span:  1941, 1954

  2 TIF images

Historical Sketch: Ms. Dorothy Lindsay Brown is the Administrative Assistant for the Greater Beulah Family Life Center and Church.  Her maternal extended family is the Weems of Columbia, AL.  The Weems consisted of up to 7 families who owned, collectively or via adjacent plots, a farm of ca. 200 acres in Columbia.

Scope / Content Note:Accession contains 2 scanned images of Weems in ca. 1941 and ca. 1953-54.  Image 001 shows six members of the family arrived in a mule-drawn wagon at Smith Grocery in Columbia (ca. 1953-54); Image 002 is of Mabel and Euffie Weems in ca. 1941, first two graduates of the Columbia Colored School (in background).  Mabel Weems Teague is Dorothy L. Brown’s mother.

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Ref. No. PH 023-03-0405-001
Six members of the Weems Family of Columbia at Smith Grocery, ca. 1953-54.
Ref. No. PH 023-03-0405-002
Mabel Weems and Euffie Weems, the first graduates of Columbia Colored School, ca. 1941.

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